A Western Australian privately owned safe custody facility; independent of government, banking and financial institutions.

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Perth Safety Deposit Boxes - Security Vault Facility

Centrally located in South Perth; secure your investments with confidence in a discrete, state-of-the-art security vault facility. Perth Safety Deposit Boxes can assist you with both long and short term secure storage, offering either annual or quarterly accounts. Offering not just storage for investments and jewellery, Perth Safety Deposit Boxes can assist with the secure storage of all your valuable possessions including document storage for wills, deeds, titles etc as well as digital documents and media. Enjoy the peace-of-mind in having your important belongings in a safe, secure, discreet and central location here in WA.

  • Our facilities are perfect for small to medium sized items, such as precious stones & metals, jewellery and documents.

  • With the highest level of security, valuables can be insured under Personal or Self Managed Superfund accounts.

  • Perth Safety Deposit Boxes provide convenient access times during the week, with special request appointment access on weekends.

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Pink Diamond Investments

At Perth Safety Deposit Boxes, we specialise in storing valuables for both personal and SMSF accounts. SMSFs can open up investment opportunities in many areas including collectables, precious metals and precious stones.

The stable and long term growth of Argyle pink diamonds are one such opportunity which Perth Safety Deposit Boxes is proud to be a part of. Argyle Pink Diamonds are a well regarded investment with strong annual returns, due to the drastic supply shortage and the rapid increase in demand. To find out more, visit our Australian Pink Diamond Investments website today.

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    Perth Safety Deposit Boxes

    Perth Safety Deposit Boxes