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      1. What box sizes do you have available?
      We offer five different box sizes, from small to very large depending on your needs. For more information visit our Deposit Box page.

      2. How much do your boxes cost?
      Our box prices start from $350.00 per annum. For more information visit our Deposit Box page.

      3. Do I need to take out a box to store some documents?
      No. You do not need to lease a storage box to store documents with us. We offer tamper evident individually numbered security bags (Document Wallet), for securing documents that can store approximately 20-30 sheets of loose A4 paper.

      4. How much does your Document Wallet storage cost?
      Our Document Wallet storage is priced at $100.00 per annum.

      5. Can I access my deposit box anytime?
      Hours of operation are 9.30am to 4.00pm Monday to Friday, excluding public holidays. Please note, that you must book an appointment each time you would like to access your deposit box. Access bookings are strictly 30 minutes.

      6. How safe is your facility?
      With no visible street signage, we have controlled access, Perth Safety Deposit Boxes is extremely secure and just as importantly, discreet. Respect for client confidentiality is an extremely high priority. We comply with legislation that governs disclosure of information and have very tight controls of our own policies and procedures that govern strict guidelines for our staff.

      7. Can I do a tour of your facility?
      No. We are a private facility, and our insurance does not allow tours of our vaults.

      8. How does Covid affect accessing my box?
      We are an essential service; therefore, we can continue service to our clients during any covid restrictions and lockdowns. At no time will you be inconvenienced by not being able to access your personal belongings during normal operating times. After every client visit our viewing booth area is thoroughly cleaned, as safety is a priority with hygiene being of high importance during covid times.

      9. What is a key deposit?
      A refundable key deposit is taken as a safety measure whenever a larger deposit box is leased. Applicable for Silver and Bronze Boxes only. This is returned in full to each customer on vacating the vault.

      10. Who is in possession of my keys?
      The person with the box lease and any other nominated persons. Perth Safety deposit Boxes does not hold master keys to your personal safety deposit box, for your added security.

      11. Who has access to my box?
      Access will only be granted to persons that have been nominated by the applicant. Both the Application Form and the Terms and Conditions must be signed by all parties to allow independent access.
      It is a requirement that all persons who have access to a box under this agreement, provide photographic ID which shall be kept on file, and this will need to be produced every time the box is accessed by all parties.

      12. Why do you take images of what’s in my box?
      Perth Safety Deposit Boxes will provide a contents sheet for each box to record both the inventory and the security seal number. A photograph of the contents will also be taken to ensure you have a visual record of your contents.

      13. What can I store in my box?
      Almost any of your valuables can be stored. For example, precious metals, jewellery, bullion, important documents, hard-drives, and heirlooms to name a few. The Licensee agrees by entering this agreement, to use the box for lawful purposes only, and agrees to store contents which are not dangerous, hazardous and do not conflict with any State or Federal law, statute, or regulation. In addition, the Licensee declares that they have a legal right to all property stored and that the box will not be used to store proceeds of crime, or any item used in the commission of crime.

      14. Do I have to supply valuations of my box contents to increase the box insurance?
      Perth Safety Deposit Boxes is not an insurance provider and does not hold any Australian Financial Services (AFS) license. Insurance is always arranged as nominated by the Box holder and can be adjusted if required. No valuation of your box contents is required.

      15. Why can I not access my box in a private room?
      Security is paramount for our staff and customers, we offer private access to your box, though a staff member will always be present. Having a staff member present ensures that box terms and conditions are adhered to.

      16. Where is the vault located?
      The vault is located inside our building. At no time do your items leave the security of our premises.

      17. How many times can I access my box?
      We offer 12 visits per year during office hours at 30 minutes per access. Each visit must be booked in advance to secure your preferred time.

      18. Does Perth Safety Deposit Boxes have Insurance?
      Yes, Perth Safety deposit Boxes has a liability, Policy. The lease fee includes an insurable interest to the value of $25,000.00. Insurance more than this amount can be arranged by Perth Safety Deposit Boxes through our Insurance Brokers.

      19. Can my Australian Company, Business, Trust, or Self-Managed Super Fund lease a safety deposit box?
      Yes, you can lease a safety box under an Australian company, business, trust or SMSF.

      20. Does Perth Safety Deposit Boxes meet Self-Managed Super Fund requirements?
      Yes. Legislation requires Perth Safety Deposit Boxes to keep a copy of your trust deed and as you are the trustee for your fund, we must ensure the lease is in the name of your SMSF. Perth Safety Deposit Boxes are skilled with SMSF storage, and we have a vast understanding of its requirements. We will prepare the documentation to assist in compliance and audit preparation.

      21. Are you able to supply valuations for my SMSF audit?
      Valuations prepared for SMSF compliance/audit purposes can be arranged easily through Perth Safety Deposit Boxes. Any charge will also be tax deductible to your SMSF. This review assists in your SMSF legislative requirements. A fee is applicable for this Audit service.

      22. What happens if I die?
      Perth Safety Deposit Boxes requires account holders to nominate a Next of Kin, this can be done by completing the Next of Kin section of your Application Form. Next of Kin is for communication purposes only and does not have access to your box. In the event of a customer’s death, the Next of Kin must provide the following documents: A certified copy of the Death Certificate; A valid Grant to Probate or Letters of Administration and Photo ID and Proof of Address for all Executors and/or Administrators.

      23. If Perth Safety Deposit Boxes is liquidated, are my valuables secure?
      Yes. Perth safety Deposit Boxes is part of the Soklich Group who have been operating for over 56 years. In the unlikely event that Perth Safety Deposit Boxes were to be placed into liquidation or administration, your assets cannot be seized by the liquidator or administrator because at no time can the contents of your personal safety deposit box be deemed as assets of Perth Safety Deposit Boxes.

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